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Here is some great stuff that we have learned. There are tons of valuable information in these Q&A’s below!

(If you are not already a patient, Dr. Arnott and his staff will do what they can to assist you.)

Our Commitment to our Patients

As part of the ongoing commitment to his patients and the dental profession, at the dental practice of Dr. Arnott in Brockville, ON, the doctor and his team participate in numerous continuing education courses. Keeping up-to-date on the best technology and therapy-options for you is our top priority!

What Should I Do in an Emergency Situation if…

General dentistry Brockville Ontario
It’s after hours, I have a dental problem, and my first impulse is to call the hospital emergency department?

ONLY if Premier Communications is unable to locate those on Dr. Arnott’s contact list, are we supposed to contact the emergency department of the Brockville General Hospital. The hospital emergency departments are overwhelmed. We should use them only if our own dentist is unavailable. Call Premier Communications at 613-342-5400.

A tooth is knocked out?

If possible, you should retrieve the tooth, wrap it in a damp tissue or gauze, and place it in a small bottle with enough warm water to cover it completely. An equal amount of milk can be substituted for the warm water. If none of the above are available, just keep the tooth in your mouth, and thus bathed in your saliva.

If it will be 24 hours before you can get professional care, then keep the bottled tooth in the refrigerator. You should contact Dr. Arnott at the office number. Premier Communications’ personnel have the protocol to follow in such situations.

Family dentistry Brockville Ontario

Restorative dentistry Brockville Ontario
I chip or crack a tooth? Should I keep the piece?

If it is a front tooth, keep the chip in a small container, and take it with you to Dr. Arnott’s office. I have actually had one of these pieces bonded right back into place! If you are in significant discomfort, call Dr. Arnott’s office number right away.

If you call after regular office hours, you will automatically be connected to the Premier Communications personnel.

I have lost or broken a filling?

Call Dr. Arnott’s office number at 613-342-5400.

When it is after regular office hours, you will be connected automatically to Premier Communications staff. Give them brief details of what has happened.

If you are in minor discomfort, it is after office hours, and you have no medication for pain, then go to your pharmacy, and ask the Pharmacist for over-the-counter medication for pain relief.

Only use pain-reliever medication you would swallow. Do NOT use the topical medications (rub-on gels or creams) that are out there. They will only provide very brief relief if any, and only make it more uncomfortable than it already is.

Again, we are supposed to contact the emergency department of the Brockville General Hospital, ONLY if Premier Communications is unable to locate those on Dr. Arnott’s contact list.

Broken Tooth Brockville Ontario

Toothache Brockville Ontario
If I have a toothache and it is after hours?

Dr. Arnott has a 24/7 answering service through Premier Communications, Brockville. Premier personnel have detailed instructions on what to do if one of us experiences this sort of problem.

General Information

How often should I visit the dentist? My dentist’s secretary calls to remind our family once a year about check-ups, and cleanings. Is it necessary?

My appointments with Dr. Arnott have been determined by what support I need from them. That goes along with what they have taught me to do at home every day for myself. Matching up these two things properly, keeps my mouth as free of dental disease as possible.

My objective is to have a re-care appointment twice a year at the most. My ultimate goal is to be able to visit only once per year and be completely disease-free. Some of my friends and family have achieved that level. With their terrific help, I am still trying as hard as I can to get there.

So, how often you need to go will be up to what you, Dr. Arnott, and his staff can accomplish together as a team.

General dentistry Brockville Ontario

Dentist Brockville Ontario
Over-the-counter painkillers are recommended for tooth pain?

Unless otherwise advised, we should ask our Pharmacist for recommendations on which pain relievers to consider. Those recommendations will be based on his interview with you, going over such things as the severity of the pain, any allergies, unusual reactions, the medication you currently take, etc.

The root of my tooth is exposed, and it is very painful. Why has this occurred, and what can be done to help me?

This happens for many reasons. In many cases though, it is due to overly aggressive tooth brushing.

It is critical to get the right information, and the instruction to deal with this. Otherwise, you get the problem recurring over and over again, and the pain never goes away.

It is essential to have a proper, thorough examination to identify exactly what is causing this problem. Quite often, it can be a sign of something much more involved, than just the exposed root surface. You would want that investigated and attended to much earlier, rather than later.

Family Dentist Brockville Ontario

Teeth whitening Brockville Ontario
Tooth whitening products are safe. As long as the material does not come in contact with your gums and cheeks.

This requires custom container trays being made to fit precisely around your teeth. They are a must. I had this done at Dr. Arnott’s with excellent results and did not expose myself to any risk.

Dr. Arnott has a special, year-round whitening program. That meant he and I together were supporting the United Way of Leeds and Grenville with his reduced costs. And, I got a brighter and whiter smile to celebrate my own efforts, and at the same time minimized my costs.

To find out more, call us at 613-342-5400.

What type of toothbrush should I be using? What’s the difference?

Use only the type of brush you would use to clean fine silverware or jewelry. That means a soft brush and a brush that is always in “mint” condition.

If, after only a couple of weeks’ use, the brush looks like somebody has been standing on it, then that means you have been using it far too aggressively. The cure for that is to “lighten up.” DON’T get a harder brush. You will only cause more damage than you already have.

Brushing is only a very small part of your oral hygiene. The most important part is attending to the vital areas of your mouth that you cannot see.

Dr. Arnott and his staff have shown us how to really do this easily, and effectively. Something we didn’t know anything about before.

General dentistry Brockville Ontario

General dentistry Brockville Ontario
What toothpastes are recommended? Are they all basically the same?

I only use a fluoridated gel with my brush.

Stay away from toothpaste. The pastes have pumice (grit) in them that will wear away tooth enamel and any exposed root surfaces.

And, only use the type of brush we mentioned earlier. Very, very gently.

How much toothpaste should adults use? And how much for children?

Adults should use only a “dab,” which would be about 5mm long.

Children up to the age of 12 should only use half this much.

A tube of tooth gel lasts us for months. Nobody should swallow tooth gel.

Pediatric dentistry Brockville Ontario

Children's dentistry Brockville Ontario
What type of floss should I use for my children’s teeth?

For my children, Dr. Arnott recommended I use the berry or mint-flavoured floss. It seems friendly, and the kids really like it. If you find they don’t like flavoured, then just use the plain type.

Kids Tips

How can I teach my children about flossing? I’m scared to hurt my child if I do the flossing; I’m also concerned about my child hurting his/her gums while flossing.

All you need to clean is the area where the teeth touch each other side by side. It won’t damage the gum tissue if you happen to go down too hard between the teeth. To avoid that, just be sure you “seesaw” your way through that contact-area between teeth, while gently pushing down.

I talk to my children about what we are doing while I’m flossing, so they will do it the same way when they start flossing on their own.

When they were between four and five years old, they started doing their own front teeth. After they were finished, then I would do the back teeth for them.

Kids Dentist Brockville Ontario

Family dentistry Brockville Ontario
At what age should I begin teaching my children about brushing their teeth?

A simple rule of thumb is “If you got’em, brush ‘em”! That means starting to clean baby teeth when they first appear.

Dr. Arnott’s has excellent guidance and coaching for new mothers on how to do this, and what to use.

If you start doing this right away, then in those first three years, your child develops with brushing being an accepted, and regular part of the daily routine. Believe me; kids are learning as you are doing it for them!

Remember. Only use a very TINY dab of toothbrush gel. Then, you can see exactly what you are doing with the brush. Otherwise, how can you see through all those suds?

That daily routine makes the gradual transfer of this hygiene practice an easy and natural process, as your child begins to want to be more and more independent.

By the age of five, your child will be doing most of this on his/her own. You now use the brush and floss for just the very back molar teeth, which are likely to be the first “permanent” molars.

Additional Information

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