When Should You Visit Us?

Our Unique Approach to Dental Care

Most people rely on their dentist’s office calling them to say “when” to come in for an appointment.

The practice of Dr. John M. Arnott in Brockville, ON takes a unique approach. With your oral health care, our primary focus begins right in your home environment. We are here to inform you and help you optimize what you do there. For yourself. Every day. Our goal is to keep you healthy, and independent.

Looking at each person individually, we recommend the balance of professional and home care support that makes sense for each of you to get healthy. And, most importantly, to stay that way!

Our society uses dental “insurance” as a “crutch.” People assume it is a “necessity.” Most of the time, it is just a maintenance plan for those who are continually sick. If you can achieve effective oral hygiene, and remain healthy, then how many dental health benefit claims will you have? Very few! If you were all healthy, would those costly dental “insurance” premiums still be a “necessity” for you and your family?   Not really.

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When should I see my dentist?

It all depends upon “what” is in your mouth.

If your teeth and gum tissues are in excellent condition, you may only need to see your dentist periodically for recare visits.

If you suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, or insufficient oral hygiene, then you require immediate medical attention. We will do a thorough clinical examination, and recommend therapy. Most importantly, we will take the time to help you learn the skills necessary to keep yourself healthy.

If you are experiencing pain or have an emergency, we will do our best to see you right away.

We do our best to ensure all emergencies are looked after. After hours, our answering service personnel will help to assess your need and will contact our staff if necessary.

If I do need it, where can I apply for insurance?

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WHEN can you see me?

We will accommodate you as best we can…please contact us at 613-342-5400 or e-mail info@downtownsmiles.com to discuss your situation with Catherine.

Make an appointment with us when you need extra dental care. From dental hygiene to restorations, implants, teeth whitening and other general and cosmetic treatments, we have what you need to achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted!