The Circle of Care

Where our Patients are Key Players, Not Just Passive Observers

Are you in a Circle of Care yet? Are you really an active player in your Circle? Your success depends primarily on what only you can contribute.

At the dental practice of Dr. John M. Arnott in Brockville, ON, our easy and effective home-care routine is the most valuable health promotion tool you and your family can use, whether you have natural teeth, implant-supported teeth, or both!

Take control of your dental and overall health! Don’t put up with just being a spectator.

Family dentist Brockville Ontario

What role do your Dentist and Hygienist play in your Circle of Care?

As members of your dental health team, we give you valuable information, care, and the ongoing support necessary to ensure continued success with your personalized home-care routine.

If you succeed, then we have succeeded!

Our goal is to enable you to reach and to sustain that excellent health status, free of dental disease. If you are able to keep yourself healthy, then you will be seeing us less often!

Our Practice is that Circle of Care and Caring, and there is a place in that Circle for you.

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